Contessa and the “not so” Food-Lover in Me

Hey there. If there’s such a thing as a non-Foodie Foodie, I’m it.

I think the definition of a Foodie is a person who loves to mess around in the kitchen—and by that I mean with ingredients, not people.

I believe a Foodie likes to cook things and try out recipes and experiment with unusual spices. Stuff like that.
Well, that is totally not me.

My least favorite room in the house is the kitchen, because the only things that happen there are cooking, making messes, and cleaning the messes up.

None of those activities rank anywhere on my List of Fun Things To Do.

HOWEVER . . . and note that this is a big however . . . this doesn’t mean I don’t like food.

Or that I don’t like to eat.

No, no, no. So not true. I love good food, and I enjoy eating. And I have eaten many and varied food items.

I enjoy thinking about my food experiences, which are widely varied because of all the places I have lived.
And eaten.

So here’s my blog about food, past, present and future, from a non-Foodie Foodie.
The Non-Cook Contessa